Hey! It’s not been too long that I have started learning Digital Marketing and working as a Digital Marketer, with my experience and experiments on my websites I have learned quite interesting facts about my usual website visitors, their interest areas on my site, the popular content on my site, their preferred time for a visit and much more.

I wonder how a simple analytical tool can help you so much to learn about your target visitors and also it lets you improve the quality of your sites.

Be it a businessman, an SEO expert,a website developer, or an admin of the site, to enhance their reach in their desired market one should always have a knowledge of these simple yet powerful tools provided by Google.

The tools Google Analytics and Google Search Console provided by google are completely free for any user.

Though both these tools have their focus areas, together they can create wonders. In this article, I will give a brief knowledge of both the tools and the way you can utilize them to maximize your site’s reach.

Google Analytics

GA is a user-oriented analytic tool that collects data about every visitor whether a new or a returning one.

It focuses on every visit to your site and also the journey of each visitor on your site, such as time devoted by the user, how did the user got there, which is the most popular content on the site, what people are doing on your site and much more.

Demographics lets you know from where the visitor is visiting your site, the way they are interacting on the site, GA even focuses on the conversion rate on-site.

GA focuses on organic traffic on your site, it measures the performance of individual pages through page views and lets you understand the needs of your users with the help of more static, clear, and crisp data.

It would not be wrong to say that Google Analytics gives you even micro information related to the traffic on your site.

Google Search Console

On one hand, where GA is more focused on users and their journey on the site, Google Search Console helps you monitor and troubleshoot your site’s presence in the Google Search Console.

The main focus of the Search console is to help you to understand how Google sees your site. The tool helps you to fix indexing and re-indexing of new content, it helps you to easily monitor and resolves issues like server errors, the problem in loading the site, security issues like hacking and malware, and many more.

GSC often lets you learn about the search data of your site, how many times your site appears in google search, what are the keywords that lets search engine to search your site, which search engine query shows your site, how often searched click through those queries.

All this information helps in the optimization of your site’s ranking, you can use the tools to make your market strategy more perfect and reach the right target audience, of course along with the other Google tools like Analytics, Ads, etc.

Up Shot

In my opinion, both the tools have their use, but the purpose is to provide all the possible data about our site, its visitors, traffic, bounce rates, the way our site is visible in search engines, about the security issues if any, and lot more.

It’s now up to us how we make the most of these tools and the data. This was just a brief description of these amazing tools provided by Google. In my next article, we will learn more deeply about the tools and their usage. Do leave a comment and let me know about the topics you want me to write in.