Economic Times 31 Dec. 2021

” There is a saying that nothing is impossible if you want something from your heart and works towards your goal with honesty. There is no offense in regards to the saying that Hard work does pay off, but I believe it’s good only if you work under someone, to build your own empire you need to work smartly as well.”

These are the words said by one of the upcoming entrepreneurs and a social worker Ms. Pallavi P. An entrepreneur, an Author, a website designer, or a social worker.

Pallavi has been working continuously towards her goals without taking any breaks. After a gap of almost twelve years and going through the ups and downs in her marriage life, the mother of two beautiful daughters restarted her career as a blogger.

The writing was her passion and to take off the journey of discovering herself all over again her words and way of expression helped her. But as happened to every successful person, the journey doesn’t stop there, it was just the beginning of her new life.

In conversation with our correspondent she even admitted that the initial phase of her new life was nothing different from any other woman in India. She had to face a lot of criticism while stepping into a world where Divorce is nothing less than a curse, she even had to stay away from her daughters almost for a year.

Gradually she made everyone understood her point and came out as a strong woman, “My journey was just started, I was not having enough time as there were other responsibilities added with me now and I wanted to fulfill all of them on my own.

People asked me to take alimony but I refused. I was the one who decided to end up my married life, then I have no right on his income, this was my ideology at that time, and it worked for me. Today I am a proud human being in front of my daughters and my family.”

After asking what made her choose this path and How does she help another woman under the name of her company she told us that the idea of creating a website for underprivileged vendors or roadside vendors came to her mind during the festival of Diwali.

During a lockdown when people were trying their hands-on cooking, Pallavi was learning website designing and digital marketing. One day while shopping for a small festival she realized the problems facing by these small-scale vendors. Due to hygiene and social distancing people were ready to go to the malls and spend thousands of money but they were not ready to buy similar things from these vendors.

That was the time when she decided to work for them, there she met many such vendors and convinced them to showcase their products on her website which was free of cost for them, collecting money and delivering the products door to door was re-joice’s responsibility. In this way, she managed to create a small group of vendors, and with a little bit of publicity and digital marketing, she managed to create a brand for herself and helped these vendors as well.

In answer to the question of her strategy to earn money she said, “I started with the mindset of creating a brand, so my focus was not money at that time. If you compare the prices we keep on our site, you will find that there is hardly any difference.

With time my brand grew and today, there are two hundred women are showcasing their products under rejoice, not only this we are working in the collaboration with many tribal artisans as well and our products get delivered out of India also.”

Asking her about her passion for writing she told her that she can not stop writing, it’s her first love and very soon she will be publishing her second book of stories.

Pallavi has been living life on her own terms and this is what makes her unique from the league of Entrepreneurs. This was the journey of a small town and strong-headed woman who believes that to reach towards your updated version one needs to keep themselves a little hungry always.