• Hey! What are the different hacks are you following to do proper marketing of your product/services?
  • And all that you are following is enough or you are looking for something better?

Well, we all know that marketing a very vast area, and the only good way to apply it effectively is to learn it. It is not a day or two-day exercise, it is a continuous process that helps businesses to reach up a certain level and even after that.

Opportunities are endless, and their utilization is up to us. It’s important to learn your market and then apply an effective strategy that leads towards good conversions.

Today in this article I am going to tell you about simple and effective Marketing Hacks, which we all know but often forget before reaching out to a conclusion.

Video Marketing

This is one of the most important elements of Marketing. As per the studies, many marketers believe that videos increase the traffic on the sites by 89%, and if you see the conversion rate it goes as high as 85%. Isn’t this amazing?

Life is moving fast during these times, and people do not have time to read long content or reviews, they prefer to watch the video of services/products as it gives them complete knowledge of the same.

Ask your Consumers and Listen to them

Experts say that a good businessman listens to their customers and improves the quality of deliverables if required.

Now, the problem is you can’t go to every customer physically, but you may go to them personally through follow-up emails, Facebook groups, social media posts, and by conducting different surveys.

Gadget(Mobile) friendly site

This is one very important Mantra which we often ignore, nowadays mobile is one handy thing which is always with us, no matter where we are.

Your customers are not sitting in front of the laptops all the time, hence it’s always a better way to create a mobile-friendly site because your site is your impression on your consumers.

Work for your competitors

Yes, you heard it right, to know your competitor’s strategies an easy idea is to sign up for their newsletter, browse their social media handles, write for them, be their marketer.

Writing for your competitor doesn’t harm you anyway, it allows you to reach their audience and to create a competitive yet effective strategy.

Analyze the Data

As I said marketing is not a couple days process, it becomes important for you to analyze the data collected from your customer.

Data analysis is the most crucial part of marketing, based on this analysis one can create a huge following for them.

The right data analysis can tell you more about your customer’s buying habits, their likes- dislikes, it even helps you to understand which strategy is working fine amongst the target market.

Keep Testing & Changing.

For a successful long-run business, it’s important to keep testing your customer’s requirements by applying different methods in a given space. People get bored easily, everyone wants change, hence keep changing your strategies as well.

Don’t open all your cards at once, share different offers in a proper interval, and keep your customer engaged with new changes.

Never put yourself on the back foot, keep trying new things and bring variance in your work.

Involve your customers

Always remember this important Mantra of marketing, “People want to hear from the real people and not from the brand.”

You must have been through video ads, in-app ads, social media ads, native ads, or even a blog where one or more people are talking about any specific product.

They are referring to the product and its brand value.

They are the people who are one of your consumers and are happily ready to talk about the brand.

Involving your existing customer as your brand ambassador is always a good idea.

In today’s age, many businesses follow this rule, they hire influencers to spread positivity about the brand, this marketing strategy can also be defined as Influencer Marketing.

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Use of Landing Page

A landing page is where your customer interacts with your product/services after clicking on the ads. It should be specific and clear in itself. A landing page describes everything and makes a great help to your customer to move forward.

Stellar Content

Content includes everything that one can find about your brand on the internet. Blogs, Infographic, visuals, guides, e-books. etc.

Uncover your customer’s pain points and show them the solution, make them believe in the content so much that they can’t help but sharing it with others.

Up Shot

Marketing is an ocean of opportunities, keep exploring and keep testing, understand your customers, provide them solutions, make use of your existing customers, do everything but keep going. Marketing an ongoing process, and one should never stop to be in the race