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  • Do you research before writing about a particular topic?
  • How about having a list of the professionally researched blog before starting your research on some?
Hi, I am a blogger/writer and social media marketer, and being in this profession for a long time I know how important research is for everyone to be consistent and qualitative in their work.

Research is nothing but learning about something deeper, learning about something you would like to know about, no matter if you want to use it as a part of your work or not.

Before writing about any topic, I make sure to learn about it, and in today’s world, search engines like google have made it easy for many of us.

Despite having this blessing in disguise this tech world confuses me a lot. You may be wondering how?

Well, there is a flood of knowledge about everything, and it’s easy for anyone to flow away in this flood. I have made this mistake many times, during my initial days I used to write anything before getting into the depth of the real thing.

Slowly, with my experience I learned that you can’t pick up just anything or everything available in the market, you have to look through the reality.

Whatever we see on google is not right, after all, Google is also depending upon the information provided by users like us.

So today, in this article I am sharing some of my favorite blogs, which provides a precise list of other popular blogs, startup blogs, websites, and influencers.

These 16 blogs are the one-stop read for your research related to your next write-up. 


Do you want to know about the top bloggers and best blogs in India? Then you must read this blog, in this blog, you’ll be able to discover top Indian blogs to read in 2021.


This blog lets you peek inside the Popular blogs in different niches. The research is too deep about every blog that makes you learn about CMS’s and the themes that they’re using. 

No matter what your niche is, just read this blog and get inspired to start.


If you are looking for the blog which provides you the integrated list of different startup blogs, website or influencers with their minute details like post frequency, social media followers, etc. 

They also provide you the following link and DR.


The medium does not need any recommendation, and so neither blog by the Tech Gen in Medium. This is an apt blog for a startup. Remember, a well-researched company always delivers better to their audience, and for starting up a new venture, do read this blog.


It’s an old post, or should I say an older one than you may think. But this is still one of my favorite. This blog post has some of the well-known bloggers of today including Neil Patel, Darren Rowse, Seth Godin, etc. 

This is my favorite blog to read, which makes me wonder that almost after a decade how these people have maintained to be at the top in the game.


Aren’t we all are interested to know how much these top-shot bloggers earn? Isn’t this thought excites you to know that if you may also get paid for your writing and will get listed someday as a top blogger?

If yes, then go and read this blog and get inspired to learn and earn more.


In this blog, you will find the stories of real people which will give you some more confidence on your chosen path. If you are a startup and researching some inspiring stories, follow this blog. 

It has listed out 26 inspiring blogs that helped the startup to grow tremendously.


In this blog post, you will learn about the 14 top best startup blogs for entrepreneurs that will help you ace the startup game. Written by Vanita Bhatnagar this blog worth your attention.


This blog has listed the best blogs for startups, that aren’t about giving you high-level insights but about giving you actionable advice. 

A blog list that you should consider before stepping into a startup business.


This blog post lets you read about top Indian bloggers, blog post is old but still relevant. Some of the bloggers are still at the top-notch in the industry.


This blog features some of the top bloggers in India, who are a great source of learning, motivation, inspiration, and a support system for newbies and aspiring bloggers. 

If you have read my previous suggestion for Indian bloggers, you will find the similarity in names, which indicates the hard work and enthusiasm of these bloggers towards their life goals.


This well-researched blog tells you about the top 10 bloggers in different niches like Top 10 Bloggers on Business and Finance, Fashion Updates, Digital Marketing, and SEO, Travel Bloggers, Food Bloggers in India, etc.


Coming under the list of top bloggers itself is an achievement, and if the list is published by Forbes, then it’s like icing on the cake. Read this interesting blog where Forbes has listed some of the top-earning blogs.


Are you going to use Influencer marketing for your product in India? Then this blog belongs to you. 

This blog has explained every detail you should look for before choosing the right Influencer for your product. 

Remember making the right marketing strategy is one of the most important parts of any business to grow.


If you are looking forward to becoming an Influencer in India, then it’s important to know the top of them and their journey. 

To know who they are, you can go through this blog, my favorite on the list is Ankush Bahuguna.


Detailed doesn’t need any introduction, if you want to be updated with the most popular and top-ranked blogs, follow detailed. 

The list gets updated every 24 hrs. and it includes the top 50 blogs of almost every niche available.

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If you find some more interesting and well researched blogs do let me know in the comment box. I would love to read them as such blogs always ease my writing journey.