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Course Module In Details

Have look at what you are going to learn in the course.

Module 1- Getting Started with WordPress
  • Introduction to WP
  • Understanding Domain, Hosting, CMS
  • Different ways to get WordPress
  • Getting a local WP Site on PC
Module 2 - Launching a WordPress Site
  • How to find your Domain?
  • Select the right Hosting plan
  • Connecting Domain to the server
  • Enabling SSL
Module 3- WordPress Basics
  • Understanding WP Admin Panel
  • Understanding Themes, Plugins, and Page Builders
  • How to Create Page?
  • How to Create Post?
  • How to Customize the theme?
    • How to change your site title, logo, and tagline?
    • Introduction to widget and Menus and categories?
      • Understanding widgets and how to add them
      • Understanding different Menu Locations and their use
    • what are homepage settings and how to customize?
Module 4- Design your WordPress website
  • Understanding the use of different themes
  • Introduction to different page builders
  • Important Plugins and how to use them?
  • How to make your page look good on all devices?
  • A faster way to build your site
Module 5- Design an E-Commerce Site
  • Learn to create an E-Commerce Site
  • How to add Products?
  • How to add Payment Gateways?
  • How to add a Customer Login?
  • How to add shipping?
  • How to send PDF receipts?
Module 6- Organize your WordPress Site
  • Managing Users
  • Managing Comments
  • Solving Spam Comments Issue
  • Fixing WordPress Mails Going to Email Spam Folder
  • SEO Basics
  • How to Secure your WordPress Site?
  • How to manage WordPress Media Library?
Module 7- How to Use Page Builders?
  • How to use Elementor?
  • How to use Divi?
  • How to use Beaver Builder?
Module 8- Bonus Module- Lead Generation
  • How to generate leads?
    • Different tools and their usage
  • Different ways of Pitching Clients
    • Cold Mails
    • Personalised Mails

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