Top 16 well researched blogs to ease your work

Hey! Are you looking for some great blogs in your Niche? Do you research before writing about a particular topic? How about having a list of the professionally researched blog before starting your research on some? Hi, I am a blogger/writer and social media

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An Interview with Dr. Karthik Narayanan

Covid 19 has brought many changes in our lives, and the biggest one is in our lifestyle. Wearing a mask was a necessity for the people living in less Air Quality areas. Washing hands was our daily routine but only before and after eating

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Digital Marketing Vs. Product Marketing

Guest Post- By Dinesh Sharma Both Digital Marketing and Product Marketing talk to the market. However, there is a fundamental difference in the strategy of both, in fact they are not same even for Digital products also. Figure 1: PC – pixels.com What is

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What is your Customer Satisfaction Score?

What is the most impactful factor to run a business successfully? What is that which may put a downfall even to a successfully running business? Some of you may say finances or say strong management or an affecting market strategy. All these factors have

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Simple Marketing Hacks

Hey! What are the different hacks are you following to do proper marketing of your product/services? And all that you are following is enough or you are looking for something better? Well, we all know that marketing a very vast area, and the only

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Are you Perfectly an Imperfect Person ?

Do you remember the days when you had learned to ride a cycle/bike or driving a car? Have you ever seen players keep practicing their particular sport even when they are not intended to play? Do you remember the quote, “Practice makes a man

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